Purchase exclusive and high-quality leads, automatically.
Getting leads is hard and time-consuming. We make it faster, easier and more consistent so you can focus on what you do best: close more deals.

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our agents say:

“Rezi Leads is going to help you scale your business. I like them because they give me great leads…that help me take my business to the next level.” – Maya Vander (Selling Sunset)


“The leads are amazing. Rezi Leads helped me grow my pipeline significantly. It was so easy to sign up. Once I signed up, I started receiving leads within the week.” – Jen


“The leads are amazing! I’ve done three deals over the past three months. Out of all of the lead generation services that I have used, Rezi Leads is by far the best. The price is worth it!” – Megan


“If you are an agent looking for high-quality leads, I would highly recommend Rezi Leads. Not only are the leads great, but their software is so easy to use. For any agent looking to scale their business, please consider Rezi Leads.” – Matt

Our agents have seen over 398% ROI and saved more than 20 hours a week, and you can do the same too.
For many real estate agents, lead generation can be stressful. It’s because:
Agents lack the tools to do it.
Agents don’t know where to look for leads.
Agents simply don’t have enough time.
Rezi Leads solves all these problems

Exclusive buyer and seller leads

Our technology helps real estate agents build..." with "Be provided with exclusive and high-quality buyer and seller leads on an automated basis

Convert more leads

Using our AI-based CRM system, convert more buyer and seller leads into deals.

Nurture existing leads

In addition to helping you purchase new leads, we provide all the tools you need to nurture existing leads.

Tech-enabled lead generation

We get you leads and help you close more deals.

High-quality, exclusive buyer and seller leads.
Robust pipeline and recurring deal flow.
Monetize leads using our AI-based CRM system.
Add and nurture older leads.
Why Choose Rezi Leads?
Exclusive leads
Unlike most real estate software, we don’t share one lead with multiple agents.
User-friendly CRM
Other “All-in-one” solutions like to overwhelm you with pointless features. Our CRM is easy-to-use and built with one goal: to help you generate leads with minimal effort.
Fully automated
With Rezi Leads, your lead generation process is fully automated. Just sign up, set a budget, and watch your exclusive leads flood in.

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